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​Album Available As CD or Digital Download

Let's Go a Step Further...Who Will Buy?!

Will impulse purchase items like these fit into your business and with your clientele? 

Well, if your customers fit into any of the following categories, the answer for a good enough portion of your foot traffic will be "yes!"

Odds are that a good enough portion of your customers are....

Everyone has customers who are obliged to buy some gifts for co-workers.  Let's be honest...they want something high quality and "thoughtful," and they want it to be both unique and affordable!  Maybe even "upscale."  Bosses will love to buy a short stack of CDs or tree cards so that their holiday shopping problem can be quickly and smartly solved!

So, help them to leave with more than just what they came for!

And, leave some more of that disposable Christmas ca$h behind!

Original Cover

Whether your store be "pop up" or something more permanent, wouldn't it be beneficial if this year customers sent more friends your way from increased word-of-mouth advertising and even more social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and all the others?  

How about if additionally,
you cued up customer loyalty and were better able to grow your business from year to year because you were able to make an even stronger, more lasting impression as the direct result of some attractive, new offerings that remind people about your business, at the right time, every year? 


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And, yes, they're out there!   People who love just a touch of cocktail "jazz," with a glass of wine or two during the busy, and stressful Christmas season.  

For Our Retail Partners in 2018 -

Impulse purchases hold the lion's share of potential to both increase revenues and profitability.   No one comes to buy that particular item, but once they're there,  it just "feels right" and it just makes "perfect sense."  Ideally, for this to happen, the item is there, it is affordably priced, and it can be freely "sampled," i.e. it can "come off the shelf," engage the customer, and easily demonstrate its desirability, quality, and it's "pop!"   

From that point, it's just, "yeah, that's nice.  Thanks.  I'll take one!"

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Beyond the quick sale however, the uniqueness and quality of the item has the potential to make your place of business memorable; even special... a business worth mentioning to others immediately  on social media  and worth coming back to again and again  of course, because of everything you've done for the season, but also, that "something special" - that family keepsake that you helped customers find.

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Details and a few select clips from the all new album are below.   Imagine the possibilities for customer loyalty when people pull out their album after Thanksgiving and then think about where to kick off their Christmas shopping!

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The album itself is an upbeat, solo piano and very light creation by Dave Cornwall, a new artist from Philadelphia with  New Friend Entertainment. The digital album (and CD) are ideal for background music and easy listening.    

Take a listen and see if you agree that this offering will indeed help you to grow your business by appealing to the impulse purchase needs of at least some of your clientele seeking unique, high quality, and high value itemsYou may even  think it sounds a lot like "A Charlie Brown Christmas!"

Music is available in both digital and CD formats.

Uniqueness                    Quality                   "Pop" Factor                    Value!

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For priority shipping, all orders should be made as early as possible.   Final orders should be made by no later than October 15 to arrive in time for Thanksgiving.

 Questions?       For Additional Information/Pricing/Ordering Details...

Most Retailers Know the Benefits of Setting a Festive Holiday Shopping Tone with Music While Customers and Prospects are Visiting...

          Hark, the Herald Angels Sing                                   Oh Come All Ye Faithful

          Oh Holy Night                                                              Silent Night

          Oh Little Town of Bethlehem                                    Let There Be Peace On Earth

Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

How about people who come across something special and  have to jump on Facebook or Twitter even before they get all the way home?!  They'd be talking about YOU and giving out your address.

Impulse purchasers!  People not necessarily shopping for anything in particular, but, are very open to those unexpected surprises that most merchants offer in plain view at the register... some maybe looking for a special keepsake?

Maybe Looking For Some Additional Big Sellers This Christmas Season?

High Margin Impulse Purchase Items With

Do you know the main complaint of many shoppers during the holidays?  Certainly, there's a list to choose from that includes the traffic, the lines, and the confusion. After that, somewhere pretty high up on the list is this one - "I have a hard time finding what I really want because everyone's really selling all the same stuff!"

We can help with that!   

Church goers passing through your place?  Sometimes finding that right and truly special gift for friends and family can be a challenge, but not this year!  Church people and believers far and wide love Christmas music that is new, uplifting, completely non-secular - -  and relaxing!

Here's to a Truly Great Season! 

Distinctive, high quality and "unexpected" Impulse purchase opportunities are indeed part of what makes holiday shopping fun and  some stores stand out over others.

Our offerings have very good mark up potential, the degree to which of course depends partially on the economics of your location.   Of course, the retail price you set is up to you!

- Retail price for the CD and download (18 songs) is recommended to be in the USD $11 - $13.50 range -

Contact us via email at  - 

Bookstore@ForTheFaithful.net                                 Retailer@ForTheFaithful.net

- Supplies  May Be Limited.  It is Suggested To Order Early! -

Sample Clips

These are full length sample tracks just recently made available on You Tube.   Just click on any of the links and imagine the positive shopping atmosphere and holiday mood that this music can set!

For 2018, the album features "Let There Be Peace on Earth," a song likely to be uniquely appreciated in any Christmas line up in light of the unfortunate violence and unrest, worldwide.  Definitely something new and unique for a Christmas CD, and something that people would welcome as a pleasant surprise when hearing it played when they arrive at and shop at your business! 

          Some light, uplifting piano....for the 2018 holidays!


Sample clips?

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Any people looking for something new to "go with" Christmas?  Some relaxing music for a holiday party or for a dinner, or maybe, some favors or something special to offer a host?   How about some relaxing and inspirational new music to decorate the tree by?

Yes...people like these are your customers too!

Let's not forget about the "die hard" shoppers who in addition to buying on impulse also have firmly in mind a list of gift recipients.  A list with some flexibility that is often satisfied by quality, low priced items, especially unique ones that can be sampled...

Prices to Help You to BEAT Amazon!

2018 Cover Design!

Digital Download Card

Do you? 

How about instead of playing radio music with commercials or "old" piped in music that people have heard already in the mall or in their cars on the way over, why not play something nice and all new that you can essentially  get paid impulse purchase cash  for playing?!   Maybe if necessary, in a special separate area, off to the side?

Nothing that anyone would consider flashy or objectionable...just some easy on the ears, relaxing, music of well known holiday songs that would not only set the perfect tone for robust holiday shopping,  but also, quite easily create additional "impulse purchase" sales among various different types of customers...the ones described in just a bit below.   This music will engage your customers!

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