"Your key strokes are  the high point of my Advent season. Can't thank you enough. Joy to my heart to listen and to give my customers the chance to experience what your music brings to me."

New Cover - Same Line Up!


"I’m blown away.  I’m really blown away!  Really, really outstanding!  I can’t describe it but the way this music is played made me feel closer to God."

"...like a cool glass of water for someone in a desert place!"

 Evangelist, Jailed for Spreading the Word

"I am pleased to say we have added your instrumental rendition of "Let There Be Peace on Earth" as a recurring selection scheduled to air nightly on our easy listening music station.... If ever we needed "peace on earth," we need it now more than ever.   Please continue to send us suggested selections as we would be interested in adding more music like this for our listeners around the world!   We wish you all the continued success in your musical endeavors!

Radio Station President, Global Easy Listening

"I was so deeply touched by your music that tears ran out of my eyes.  I have listened to the beautiful music on your CD many times now. 

 Christian Mother, Denied Employment and Persecuted for Religious Beliefs

Through Internet Radio, Dave Cornwall's Music Has Acquired 500+ Registered Fans from South America,  Europe, Asia, Australia, parts of Africa, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, S. Korea, Australia, the Philippines, Serbia, and Through Out the Continental United States

"I finally got to open and listen to your music.  I love it!  I am adding your music to our Christmas playlist.   Continue to send me what you have!"

 Radio Program Director, Mid West USA

"Your music is very peaceful.  And inspiring."

"I got the CD and am listening to it.  Sounds great!"

 Entrepreneur, Subscription Membership Company

"Pretty easy listening!  Will probably be on air December 24th and 25th..."

 Program Director, South West USA

"Piano scoring and playing was excellent, very pleasant and relaxing to listen to.  An enjoyable experience overall"                

 Global Christian Publication, South East Asia

"Beautiful!  I love piano music.  I do love solo instrumental music - - there is certainly a place for this at Christmas.   Very pretty!    Thanks, Dave, for sharing this with us."

Editorial Staff, Global Christian Publication

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"Your music is lovely!

Owner, Christmas Retail Shop, USA

"Unique style!  Loved it!

Quite pleasant!  And relaxing!"

Head of Overhead Programming, Food and Bev

Songs That Tell The Story

"Do you play piano at any places around your home?  Your CD is fantastic!"


"Wonderful!  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  A great Christmas gift that I’ll put on for the whole family at Christmas dinner. "  

For The Faithful at Christmas is a eighteen-track album by Dave Cornwall. This CD contains a classic emblem of instrumental piano Christmas music such as “Joy To The World,” “Oh Holy Night,” “What Child is This,” and more.  You’ll find yourself sitting back and  listening to the inspiring tracks in your home, in your car, or playing the CD in the background during your different Christmas events.  I found myself feeling so relaxed and at peace as I listened to how skillfully Cornwall played the piano showcasing his unique arrangement and style of the Christmas songs...

Richard Cox - Gospel City

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Debut solo piano album with unique and tasteful jazz and classical stylings.  A feel that is relaxing and at times inspirational...distinctive and original.  Something new and a must have addition to any Christmas music collection.

CD Baby

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Sample Clips

These are select, full length sample tracks just recently made available on You Tube.  Sample clips of all 18 tracks can be previewed from iTunes...shown in the below purchasing section.  Solo jazz piano - for Christmas!

          Hark, the Herald Angels Sing                                   Oh Come All Ye Faithful

          Oh Holy Night                                                              Silent Night

          Oh Little Town of Bethlehem                                    Let There Be Peace On Earth

Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

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About the Artist

Dave Cornwall is a new, solo jazz pianist breaking onto the jazz scene by way of Philadelphia.  Known mainly at this point as a solo performer, he is both sought after and appreciated throughout the Delaware Valley for his tasteful voicings, engaging arrangements, and for live performances that truly connect with audiences by so aptly setting the perfect mood, in ways that invigorate, inspire, and renew.  

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" I like the songs you have submitted and will ask  our program director to include some in our Christmas playlist.  Thanks for the submission!"

 General Manager, Christian Radio Station

The "Regular" Folks?

Here's What They've Had To Say - So Far!

"We popped the CD in and immediately fell in love with this light jazz-inspired (not to mention) powerful collection of  classic Christmas songs."

"This is the best thing for Christmas since the Charlie Brown Christmas Special!

"Oscar Peterson recorded a bit of great music that he called, "Exclusively For My Friends."  These recordings seemed both personal, and unique.  My album is very much like that based on what I've been told from those who have heard it.  Truly, some of the messages on my answering machine have just been amazing.  This album seems to have meaning for people in deep ways that are hard for me to put into words.  Quite honestly, I didn't expect these types of effusive reactions."  

"Friends had for a long time asked me to share my arrangements with them and this was a great way to do so.  Similarly, I felt like I wanted to give something tangible to families celebrating Christmas, starting with my own three kids.  With the seemingly growing turmoil and terror in the world, the time to do this seemed to be now.  Including my very own rendition of Let There Be Peace on Earth seemed like a natural fit for a CD to play this  Christmas."   

"As to why another Christmas album, well, some families, like mine, have just a very few truly special Christmas recordings that are really "must haves" for one or more parts of our own "tradition."  For many, however, solo piano and jazz piano have both endearing and emotional qualities that rise gently above the music in the mall, the radio in the car, and everything else that Linus might say is "just too commercial."  

"My hope is that  For the Faithful - At Christmas  will add to people's true enjoyment and appreciation of Christmas, in the ways that are certainly enjoyable and maybe even unexpectedly meaningful.   For those who want to appreciate a less commercial and maybe more quiet aspect of celebrating Christmas, I hope that  For the Faithful - At Christmas  will find a truly special place in their hearts, and on their shelves, next to A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Santa Clause, or It's a Wonderful Life...true greats from three separate generations, yet also for each generation and most probably, generations to come. "

"It's no less than amazing what music can do for the soul. 

It is amazing what jazz piano can do for Christmas past, present, and future!"

Reviews and Commentaries

Here's What "The Pros" are Saying!

About the Album

For the Faithful - At Christmas  is a jazz-inspired and powerful solo piano collection of 18 timeless songs for people who want to experience in a new way the peace and power of what Christmas has been, and what Christmas can be.   Jazz exists to communicate moods, feelings, and contexts....as really nothing else can.  For the Faithful - At Christmas is a unique and distinctive jazz recording  by Dave Cornwall that has surprised people...by unlocking feelings and memories, and in doing so, bringing people closer to some quite welcomed and "unexpected" positive, emotional "finds. "  And, closer to each other.

What does the album sound like?  Who was it influenced by?  All good questions.  The short answers are that some find it reminiscent of Vince Guaraidi, the pianist and composer of much of the Charlie Brown Christmas special sound track.  Some hear a Dave Brubeck influence.  Yet others hear some George Winston.  The truth of the matter is that  For the Faithful - At Christmas  is something unique.                    Just page down for some extended sound clips, if you're curious!

For those that would ask, so why a Christmas  album?  Aren't there enough Christmas recordings?!  When asked about this, Dave smiles, and leans in.  In his own words, he says -

"Thanks Dave - I feel it getting colder already!  Thanks Again"  

 Station Owner, Smooth Jazz Programming

Album Available As CD or Digital Download