To the Faithful:      Merry Christmas!       Merry Christmas       Indeed!

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And, If You Might Just Have a Special Senior Citizen In Your Life...

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For the Faithful - At Christmas  is a light jazz-inspired and powerful collection of the timeless songs - for people who both love and want to delve deep into both the peace and power of what Christmas has been, and what Christmas can be.     

With the addition of  Let There Be Peace on Earth  to the traditional seasonal line up, we are all gently reminded this Christmas of the role that we all can have even today as peace makers - in our families, communities, our country, and our world.   And as the song says, "with God as our Father, brothers all are we...."                    Truly, in today's troubled times, may there indeed be peace on earth....

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Love Christmas?
For some of us, Christmas is and always will be a very special and inspiring time of the year.  Not because of Black Friday sales, Santa and the elves, the dinner and the desserts, or even the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  In fact, sometimes, in the long lines of the mall, the parking lot congestion, and the pressure and time required to host, travel, and "get it all in," just sometimes, the all important and genuine celebration of  the season, can  become just a little strained, distorted, or worse yet, nearly lost altogether.