Potential Family and Personal Uses

Special Holiday Gift For All Thanksgiving Related Events - The "Kick Off" To The Christmas Season

Gift for Non-Church Friends and Family Who Truly Love  the Holiday Season!

A "Surprise" Special Gift for Those Recognizing  And Celebrating The Season of Advent

"Stocking Stuffer" Christmas Gifts

"Easy Mail" and A Family-Themed Gifts For Grandparents, "Adopted Grandparents," And Family and Friend Both Far and Near

Great New Item for Holiday Gift Exchanges

Surprise "Hello" Gifts for Neighbors and Acquaintances

Gift For Holiday Party Hosts And Organizers

Party Favors

"Token Gifts" For Co-Workers

Appreciation Gifts For Service Providers, i.e. Salon, Newspaper Delivery, Mail Carrier, Trash, Lawn Service, Home Care Workers, Nursing Home Helpers, etc, etc!

Faith-Based Wedding Favor (w/ Customization)

Very Unique Post-Wedding "Thank You" Note/Gift For Spring or Summer Wedding Guests (w/Customization)

For Small Business Owners - Customer Holiday Appreciation Gift (w/further possible customization w/Business Name/Photo) - Better Than A Pen, Calendar, or Coffee Mug!

For Small B2B - A B2B Holiday Gift

For Retail Business Owners - Free Overhead Music and Corresponding Impulse Purchase Counter Item

For Small Business Owners - Holiday Appreciation Gift For Employees

- Fundraising Album Available As CD or Digital Download -

Use Release Version or Customize Using Our Art or, Your Own.  Choose Your Own Cover Message!

Maybe Recognize, Proclaim, Present, Dedicate, Commemorate, Invite, Include or Thank?!

Uses For The Work of Churches

Straight Ahead "For Sale" or "Donation Accepted" Fundraising Item For Current Campaign

Fundraising Item For Holiday Bazaar, Christmas Tree Sale, Bake Sale, Other Compatible End of Year Venues (and Complementary Third Party Venues)

Milestone Appreciation "Gift" to Local Businesses and Outside Donors Supporting the Church Campaign

Mission Trip Special Fundraising Item

Church School/Summer School Fundraising Item

Overseas Missions Fundraising Item

Thanksgiving Fundraising Item For Meals and Food for the Homeless and Needy

Outreach Ministry Gift for Shut In Church Members
"Give-a-Way item" For Community Fair Tables and Other Public Relations and Open House Opportunities

Outreach Ministry Gift for the Elderly Without Local Church Connections (Nursing Home/Rehab Residents)

Outreach Ministry Gift to Our Active Duty Service Members and Others in Service

New Visitor Follow Up Packet

New Member Welcome Packet

Direct Mail Marketing for Membership Campaign

Door-To-Door Outreach Campaign Leave Behind

Value-Added  Sale Item At Appropriate Church Social and Dining Events

Care Package Item For College Students and Others Away From Home

Sick Visit/Hospice Visit, Leave Behind

Any Other Occasion When Leaving A Special Calling Card From the Church Might Be Appropriate

A Very Special Commemorative Item For All Church Families and Members At the Successful Conclusion of The Current Fundraising Campaign!


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Fundraising Album Digital Down Load Cards Allow You To Offer A Digital Copy of the Album

Digital Down Load Cards Can Also Be Used As Christmas Tree Ornaments For An Annual Reminder of Our Church and Someone's Involvement With and Support Of Our Fundraising Campaign and Our Church


 In Addition to the Inspirational Music Itself, Cover Art Carries a Real Faith-Based Message/Reminder of Our Church, In Our Community, For Christmas, and Year Round

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