-  The Number of Practical  Uses  Of Music is Surprising!  -

The Number of Practical Uses is Surprising!


Churches are an invaluable part of communities, meeting all sorts of spoken and unspoken needs in the lives of both believers and non-believers.   Compared to past generations and days gone by, most churches in the United States, and elsewhere around the world, have experienced significant drops in attendance and also, the related financial resources. 

For churches to maintain a physical presence and be that "rock" in the community, a physical presence is required.  Even beyond the structure itself, to undertake various callings in today's world, simply put, requires financial resources. 

Financial strength and membership strength, whether we wish to acknowledge it or not, are not completely unrelated.  When financial needs present, possibly, could it be a call from above to draw others in?  To Christ?  To your church?  Possibly!

For the Faithful - At Christmas!  is being made available to churches to help meet the many needs that they have, for one, to creatively and effectively engage those around us, in accordance with The Great Commission.  Accordingly, a set of novel options is being offered to churches, and for the church looking for something new to help raise funds, these offerings are powerful. 

Might you be a leader in your church?  Whether you have yet to receive that title or not, are you someone looking to lead, and not just "preside?"  Someone looking for real growth and change, and not just attrition and more empty seats?  If so, click here for an overview and "call to action" letter to Fundraising Committee Chairs.  if you've already decided to evangelize and maybe raise funds with community engagement in mind, click here to see the new program that is being offered...no popcorn, candy, pizza, candles, raffles, "arm twisting," and, no extra calories! 

Capital Campaign?      Building Fund?     Restoration Project?

Church School?       Responding to Community Tragedy?

GoFundMe Page Need Some Help After A Period of Time?

- How About Some Help With Evangelizing?

The Number of Practical Uses is Surprising!

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