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Not to be unkind, but the campaign offered below is definitely not intended for religious organizations who's only mindset might be (in effect) to "saddle" one or a small number of "go to" members with a yet another burdensome and unpleasant responsibility.  Or, to do the same to an entire congregation that is either unable or who has become both weary and  "un-cheerful" in response  to repeated pleas. 

The Actual Number of Practical Uses is Surprising!

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The Number of Practical Uses is Surprising!

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Maybe Recognize, Proclaim, Dedicate, Present, Commemorate, Invite, Include or Thank?!

Need to Raise Funds For Your Church?  ...Greetings! 
While the holy scriptures are filled with mystery, and we've been rightly told that the Lord works in mysterious ways, churches with fundraising needs are indeed set with a task.  Often, a quite difficult task, to be sure - at least at the outset.  If you decide to read on, and I hope you do, I'd like to provide you with a down-to-earth plan, and a real solution that just might be what you may have been looking for to help answer some prayers.  And, don't worry... 
Truly, you'll be raising funds and not expending them!

First and foremost, church fundraising is not impossible!  It is indeed possible!  And, with God's help, properly directed efforts can, and have, met even the most challenging financial needs, and then some.  Second, and this has to be said right up front, no one person, pastor or otherwise, can, or should try to take on any significant fundraising need on their shoulders alone.  Quite simply, divided we fail in fundraising as in many other things.  But, united as believers in the Son, we conquer.   

For those either charged with, or somehow, just left "holding the bag" in relation to church fundraising needs,  you might consider this - - successful fundraising is more about leadership (and evangelism) than it is about fundraising.   When Peter first came in from fishing with that poor catch, Jesus sent him back out - - but He did not send him back out alone!  Your church's fundraising efforts CAN succeed.  If you've got a "team," great!  If not, why not build one?   Why not share this web page with someone whom you respect and think could be of great help to you and, the needs Christ's church?

As you're building and maybe even expanding your team, remember that a team needs not just a leader, but an effective leader, whether it be just one person or multiple people leading together.  In a fundraising role, however, leadership is certainly not ceremonial.  Nor, is Leadership based solely on personality.  What is leadership about?  Leadership is about new ideas AND execution.  The right idea at the right place, at the right time, and in the hands of people who truly care about their cause gets buy-in from the larger group of people and gets things moving!  On the day when your campaign is in fact successfully completed, and that day will come, for the successful campaign committee, there will indeed be well deserved thanks!   And, very well deserved recognition both on earth and in heaven, as related to us all in the Holy Scriptures.   But, how does one do all that with..."fundraising?"  Isn't fundraising just about money?  Well, no!

Well, proceeding from wherever your church might be right now, let's just be honest and ask, what kind of leadership should a campaign chair and a campaign committee bring to any church fundraising effort?  For a church, is it enough to "simply" raise the needed funds?  Maybe yes.  But, is there anything better....is there anything that the Lord might like better?  Well, would it be better to raise the funds - and - re-affirm the faith, pride, and joy of the existing congregation?  Yes, of course!!  Well, would there be anything even better than that?  Anything that God's people might actually be called to do, even within this financial need, and in general?  How about meeting the monetary needs, re-affirming the joy of the congregation, and, reaching out to the communities around us to bring some new souls to Christ in the process?  Ah, the Great Commission!    Matthew 28:16-20   Well, as Christians, we have to acknowledge that this option would be clearly the best.  And, now for the good part - - with your fundraising task at hand, all this can certainly be relatively easy, and maybe even fun!  Why?  Well, your potential new fundraising tool  easily fits into people's lives  in a lot of ways!

Toward this end, you'll find below two links after my signature that pertain to a unique and special fundraising approach for Christian Churches and Christian Synagogues.  Without a doubt, this approach is tailor made for religious organizations who are ready to meet their financial challenges and in doing so, not shy away from the opportunity to use that occasion to spread "the good news!" 

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The Number of Practical Uses is Surprising!

The Number of Practical Uses is Surprising!


Fundraising Album Digital Down Load Cards Allow You To Offer A Digital Copy of the Album

Digital Down Load Cards Can Also Be Presented As Christmas Tree Ornaments For An Annual Reminder of Your Church and Someone's Involvement With and Support Of Your Fundraising Campaign and Church

To be sure, as from the first century, the world's eyes are on us to see both what it means "to believe" and who we are as believers.   Maybe, the need for fundraising need not be a "curse?"  Just maybe, it can be the most surprising, and unexpected blessing of all.  Maybe, what we do to fund raise can make all the difference in either driving us apart or in drawing us together.  Instead of the financial pressures that are often felt in church families to "dis-assemble" during times of great stress, maybe we can feel from one another God's power to assemble us, and even others around us?  And just maybe, at the end of what will be called "the campaign," there will be more of us, instead of fewer.  We will have even more of what we sought than we would otherwise have even hoped for.  And, maybe most importantly, God's light will shine from us as never before!

At the end, fundraising ultimately isn't the real task.  The real tasks are motivation, team building, organizing, executing, and moving forward beyond just ourselves in evangelism.  Within this approach to your own particular fundraising challenge, I present this greeting to you in order to offer you not just this encouragement, but a very useful tool.  A tool that will be all that you will need to play a central role in completing the multi-faceted task that lays ahead. 

Just keep going with the links below for the "rest of the story."  There, you'll find "the unique tool" that I mentioned  - some very special non-secular celebratory music for this Christmas.  It is music to both nurture believers and, to welcome those who would appreciate an invitation to join us in knowing the true, non-commercial meaning of Christmas.    And, you probably will indeed be very surprised about all the forms that this album can take....to meet your fundraising needs.

Lastly, please know that my music will "fit the bill" for everything that I have discussed.  In your organizing and brainstorming, time permitting, I would certainly love to be a personal resource to you, with specific ideas, suited to be effective in your particular community.  Finally, also please know that all campaigns can be done with absolutely no up front money.   (Yes, we can all learn at least a little  something from the Girl Scouts!)  Of course, before deciding anything...please listen to the music.  Just follow the first link to learn how.  It's free.

Whatever you should decide to do, I hope you will decide to do something, even something bold!  I hope it is something that meets your needs, re-affirms and strengthens your congregation, and brings more of the people around you to the Truth and the Life who is our Savior.  In your church's hour of need, I have no doubt that many of those outside would like to help. Whatever you do, I hope you will give them the chance to meet you and know you.  Helping, after all, can just the first step...

Your Friend in the Faith,

Dave Cornwall

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But, It Is OK To Ask....Is "Fundraising" Too "Tough?"  For Us? 

Jesus said, "consider the lilies of the field."  Yes, in thinking about fundraising, let's think about them, and also, those wonderful little Girl Scouts who come out year after year and raise, literally tens of millions of dollars. 

- Might We As Christians Learn Anything From Them? - 

First, they're putting themselves "out there" for their cause!  And, are they truly selling just cookies?  Is that really, at the end of it all, the main thing that many people buy when they see the girls stepping up at their booths across the country - - with notable excitement, commitment, and yes, even some shyness and fear?

The Number of Practical Uses is Surprising!

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- No Funds Accepted Up Front -


"Both in fundraising and in evangelizing, finding the words can sometimes be hard.  But, what about a picture?  Is one really worth "a thousand words?"  What about a song?  Was Beethoven right in saying, "Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual of life?"   Definitely, the answer to both questions can be "yes!""