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The Number of Practical Uses is Surprising!

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Low Prices Equal High Returns...

For churches and religious organizations, we're offering very attractive volume-base pricing that allows significant mark up potential.  You set the retail price, or donation level.  But in any case, you're looking at a potential net for your church of between $7 - $10 per album.  Of course, more in the case of using your customized album to recognize the generous gift of a local business.  

Done as part of a  mission or school fundraiser, summer day camp, a capital campaign, a bazaar, or even a bake or Christmas tree sale,  For the Faithful - At Christmas  could easily net some churches $10,000 - $25,000+ or $75,000- $150,000 as part of a community-based campaign.   See the examples below....great for "giveaway" outreach activities, holiday neighbor/co-worker gifts, gifts for friends and relatives, introductions to local businesses, etc. 

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                                                                 "personalized" to your church?  Maybe with a picture and a special message to facilitate outreach or even increased member engagement?

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And, For Those Who Prefer to Download Their Music, Why Not Let Them Get the Music Code Off The Back of Our Card And Then, Get Even An Added Bonus?

- Our Digital Music Cards Can Also Serve As A Commemorative Christmas Tree Ornament! -

What Great Potential For A Keepsake and Reminder of YOUR Church!

Available In Any Design!
(Approximately 3.6 in x 2.4 in)

Of course, go ahead and listen to it!   Certainly, you'll want to  see what the album sounds like, see what the critics think about it, and of course, learn a bit more about what's really behind it!   ...Relaxing, solo piano music in both a classical and light jazz style...sometimes light, and sometimes with a bit of truly powerful inspiration.  All new arrangements of some of our very best  songs for worship and celebration, including, Let There Be Peace on Earth and  The Lord's Prayer.   Two great pieces, new to many for Christmas, but so very appropriate!


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Fund Raising Help!
Nowadays, many churches could use a helping hand with finances. Whether it be for capital projects, missionary expenses, the Sunday school, or even the general fund, it's getting tougher for many to make ends meet. We'd like to help!

Whatever your fundraising need, often times what  is required is something both new and unique.  A campaign that will not only help solicit cheerful increased internal participation, but also, perhaps, an all new external, community-based awareness, and multi-layered response.  Of course, it's both better and easier to raise money in association with something that people actually want!   And sometimes, "healthy" options are appreciated!

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Happy To Deal With Deacons, Trustees, Treasurers, Committee Chairs, Clergy, School Administrators, Youth Group Leadership, and Parishoners!

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Hark The Herald Angels Sing       Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Oh Holy Night

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CD Jackets - The Flexibility to Carry Your Message

For the Faithful - At Christmas!  has been created with Christians in mind!  As such, the album conveys a relaxing, and also an inspirational feeling, that is ideal for social gatherings, family dinner music, or even deep personal reflection.  Playing this music on a table at your bazaar or community outreach event will have the desired result...potential new members and needed funds flowing into your church!   And yes, maybe even some brand new souls for Christ! 

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Album Available As CD or Digital Download

Run A Successful Campaign with Zero Funds Up Front!

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- Parable of the Talents -

Matthew 25: 14-30

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Digital Download Cards - Christmas Tree Ornaments

However, even more than not adding calories, wouldn't it be nice for your church to put forward something that is truly spiritual, and supports your faith?  How about something that can be

And, If You Might Be Looking For Something Totally Unique...With Christian Messages (and a little bit of humor) You Might Like To Consider "Celebration Ornaments!"

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The Practical Uses?  You Might Be Surprised!

The album is available in CD form, and  also as a digital download that you can sell.  Perhaps best of all, with "church personalized" options, both can serve as a "keepsake" of either your outreach and/or fundraising initiatives. Just a few examples of both CD jackets and download cards are shown below, including what is possible for your church through customization.