The "Traditional" Christmas / Holiday Celebration Ornaments

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...For "The Holidays," Christmas, Hanukkah, And Others

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The "To Be An American" Celebration Ornaments

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Note:  Larger Than Actual Size for Illustration Only


Dave Cornwall Signature Celebration Ornaments

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All New For This Christmas!

Celebrating With Ornaments and Music!

For the wholesale trade, we're very happy to announce the launch of our all new Celebration Ornaments!      With its unique design, each credit-card sized ornament can certainly serve as a unique and attractive tree ornament, if that's the only desire.  Additionally however, each ornament also offers the "next generation" of ornaments, i.e. the all new ability for the appearance and message of the ornament to be "brought to life" with a single song "soundtrack," more specifically, a fresh, inspiring rendition of a traditional Christmas songdone in a "Charlie Brown Christmas" style. All songs featured are from For The Faithful - At Christmas,  a new solo piano, "Charlie Brown Christmas-type" album by Dave Cornwall From the back of each ornament, the song can be easily downloaded and then synced to any digital device.

Below are the ornaments for 2018!   At the bottom of the page are sound clips for quick review.   Full length review copies are available to the trade upon request, while supplies last.  Very positive professional reviews of the music and sound clips can be found in the album's Press Kit.

Celebration Ornaments   are the exciting new development for this Christmas! Discussions and questions are certainly welcomed!  Please reach out via email to set up a time to discuss.  Pricing is volume dependent and presented upon request.  Of course, please order early!


A Great New Way To Commemorate and/or Give Something Special Back To Family and Guests!

(Also Makes A Great Wedding Favor for Year End Weddings!)


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The "Making America Great Again" Celebration Ornament

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Note:  One Song Per Ornament, TBD

For the Faithful - At Christmas  is a light "jazz"-inspired and powerful collection of the timeless songs - for people who both love and want to delve deep into both the peace and power of what Christmas has been, and what Christmas can be.     

With the addition of  Let There Be Peace on Earth  to the traditional seasonal line up, we are all gently reminded this Christmas of the role that we all can have even today as peacemakers - in our families, communities, our country, and our world.   And as the song says, "with God as our Father, brothers all are we...."         Truly, in today's troubled times, may there indeed be peace on earth....


Many people have great concern about terror-related and deadly gun violence in the United States and around the world.   The "Let There Be Peace On Earth" ornament uniquely honors both the ideal and the goal of peace through both cover art and a moving rendition of the popular song.

Note:  One Song Per Ornament, TBD

Christmas Is A Great Time To Celebrate!  And, To Remember!

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The First Amendment is Alive and Well!

Buyer's Choice!  One (or Two) for Everyone!  -

For those away from home, be they young or old, now...not just a card about memories.  Instead, a Christmas celebration and, a keepsake, complete with a great Christmas song of celebration!  The "Not Together - Never Alone!" Celebration Ornament uniquely expresses these sentiments and also raises the spirits....beyond what words alone can do!

Got "the Good News?!"   ...Baby On the Way!

The "May God Bless The USA" Celebration Ornament

Is change inevitable?  Or, might it even be desirable when it comes to "the holidays?"

Remember when a "real tree" was the only kind?  How about big Christmas tree lights that used to set both their trees and their houses on fire? How about when some neighbors put out a few "nice lights" as compared to the grand displays of the present day?  Yes, things seem to be changing and more importantly, consumers seem to be eager to both try and accept these new creative innovations when they are, in fact, better!

Scratchy Christmas records?  Gone! are the 8 tracks and many, many of the "get stuck in the machine" cassette tapes.  Ah, then the delivery of Christmas music is changing too!  Record players and tape decks have given a lot of ground to "digital" music!  The new digital home sound systems, iphones, digital car stereos, etc.!  They're here and are now an integral part of people's lives and living!

Christmas ornaments, however, beyond their designs, really haven't changed all that much.  Something just to hang on the tree, right?  Well, today, ornaments are evolving too!  Hang them on the tree, yes!  But also, add an all new, but still familiar dimension.  Remember the very popular greeting cards that played music when opened?  Time and technology marches on for ornaments and has brought something very much better!

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Note:  One Song Per Ornament, TBD


-  Wondering What These New Ornaments Really Look Like?  -

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Why Not Say Something This Christmas?!

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Oh, Holy Night!  For religious people, celebrating Christmas is a time of celebrating the knowledge, the love and salvation.  The "My Family Will Serve The Lord" Celebration Ornament uniquely honors, and celebrates, the birth of the true King of Kings!  And, the wondrous night of his birth more than 2,000 years ago.

The "Blue Wave Is Coming" Celebration Ornament

Sample Clips

These are select, full length sample tracks just recently made available on You Tube.  Sample clips of all 18 tracks can be previewed from iTunes...shown in the below purchasing section.  Solo jazz piano - for Christmas!

          Hark, the Herald Angels Sing                                   Oh Come All Ye Faithful

          Oh Holy Night                                                              Silent Night

          Oh Little Town of Bethlehem                                    Let There Be Peace On Earth

Heard the Bells on Christmas Day


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Celebration Ornaments  -  For Those"Big Days" Seen This Year

Truly, No Greater Blessing!

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"My concern is not whether God is on our side.  My greatest concerns is to be on God's side, for God is always right."   The "Abraham Lincoln" Celebration Ornament, with "The Lord's Prayer," celebrates Godly values, freedom, liberty, and, humility, in the United States of America.

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With uplifting music that can be enjoyed on any digital device, Celebration Ornaments offer quite a unique way of making a truly personal and special mark on Christmas, beyond "pure" decoration.   In our age of Facebook, might it make business sense for ornaments that help tell a story, share a viewpoint, or commemorate an event?  And, to do so in a new way with a special "soundtrack?"  Room on the tree and in holiday cards for ornaments that can "set their own mood" with the help of music?  Definitely, yes!

-  Not Greeting Card Music.  Not Elevator or Video Game Music.  - 

Truly Rich and Warm Music to Definitely Add Something Special to A Family Christmas!

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 These Are The Days to Commemorate and Warmly Remember Each and Every Christmas!

The New "Twist" on the Holidays - - Celebration Ornaments !

The Year of "The" Wedding

* * Text, Artwork, and Musical Selection  Can Easily Be Adapted Upon Request...For Any and All Audiences * *

It's Easy!  These Are The Ornaments...Light Weight, "Credit Card" Sized Decorations As Shown Below!

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Faith-Based and Religious Celebration Ornaments




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"Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost." The "Great Commission" Celebration Ornament  celebrates "the Good News!"  Through "Joy to the World," Earth does receive her King!  Additionally, the song reminds us that He does rule the world.  With truth!  And grace!