The Album Is Presented In Both Digital Form and in CD Form; Depending On The Volume We Order, We Can Possibly "Mix and Match"

We Can Use The Release Version of The Album, Shown First


We Can Ask For Sample Artwork, like those below


We Could Use A Picture or Drawing Of Our Very Own!

In Addition To Art Work, We Can Choose Our Own Message For The Front; Maybe A Message of Welcome, or Something Commemorating Our Campaign, Etc.

Below Are Some Options and Ideas For Both The CD and the Digital Card, From Which the Album Can Be Downloaded To Computer and Synced to Other Digital Devices

Following The Cover Art Examples Are Sample Clips, Other Info About the Music and, The Set Of Possible Uses For A Christian-Themed Item Of This Type

Practical Uses and Applications

Sample Clips

These are select, full length sample tracks just recently made available on You Tube.  Sample clips of all 18 tracks can be previewed from iTunes...shown in the below purchasing section.  Solo jazz piano - for Christmas!

          Hark, the Herald Angels Sing                                   Oh Come All Ye Faithful

          Oh Holy Night                                                              Silent Night

          Oh Little Town of Bethlehem                                    Let There Be Peace On Earth

Heard the Bells on Christmas Day


Fundraising Album Digital Down Load Cards Allow You To Offer A Digital Copy of the Album

Digital Down Load Cards Can Also Be Used As Christmas Tree Ornaments For An Annual Reminder of Our Church and Someone's Involvement With and Support Of Our Fundraising Campaign and Our Church

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Possible Uses For The Work of Churches

Straight Ahead "For Sale" or "Donation Accepted" Fundraising Item For Current Campaign

Fundraising Item For Holiday Bazaar, Christmas Tree Sale, Bake Sale, Other Compatible End of Year Venues (and Complementary Third Party Venues)

Milestone Appreciation "Gift" to Local Businesses and Outside Donors Supporting the Church Campaign

Mission Trip Special Fundraising Item

Church School/Summer School Fundraising Item

Overseas Missions Fundraising Item

Thanksgiving Fundraising Item For Meals and Food for the Homeless and Needy

Outreach Ministry Gift for Shut In Church Members
"Give-a-Way item" For Community Fair Tables and Other Public Relations and Open House Opportunities

Outreach Ministry Gift for the Elderly Without Local Church Connections (Nursing Home/Rehab Residents)

Outreach Ministry Gift to Our Active Duty Service Members and Others in Service

New Visitor Follow Up Packet

New Member Welcome Packet

Direct Mail Marketing for Membership Campaign

Door-To-Door Outreach Campaign Leave Behind

Value-Added  Sale Item At Appropriate Church Social and Dining Events

Care Package Item For College Students and Others Away From Home

Sick Visit/Hospice Visit, Leave Behind

Any Other Occasion When Leaving A Special Calling Card From the Church Might Be Appropriate

A Very Special Commemorative Item For All Church Families and Members At the Successful Conclusion of The Current Fundraising Campaign!

** Reminder:  In addition to the inspirational music itself, cover art carries a real faith-based message/reminder of our church for Christmas!

 Potential Personal Uses

Special Seasonal Gift For Thanksgiving Day Host

Gift for Non-Church Friends and Family Who Truly Love Christmas and the Christmas Season

A Surprise Special Gift for Those Celebrating Advent

"Stocking Stuffer" Christmas Gifts

"Easy Mail" and Religiously Themed Gifts For Grandparents, "Adopted Grandparents," And Family Both Far and Near

Great Unique Item for Holiday Gift Exchanges

Surprise "Hello" Gifts for Neighbors and Acquaintances

Gift For Holiday Party Hosts

Holiday Party Favors

"Token Gifts" For Co-Workers

Appreciation Gifts For Service Providers, i.e. Salon, Newspaper Delivery, Mail Carrier, Trash, Lawn Service, Home Care Workers, Nursing Home Helpers, Etc

Wedding Favor (w/ Customization)

Unique Post Wedding "Thank You" Gift (w/Customization)

For Small Business Owners - Customer Holiday  Appreciation Gift (w/further customization w/Business Name)

For Small Business Owners - B2B Holiday Gift

For Retail Business Owners - Free Overhead Music and Corresponding Impulse Purchase Item

For Small Business Owners - Employee Holiday Appreciation Gift

- Fundraising Album Available As CD or Digital Download -

Use Release Version or Customize Using Our Art or, Your Own.  Choose Your Own Cover Message!

Maybe Recognize, Proclaim, Present, Dedicate, Commemorate, Invite, Include or Thank?!

Dear Fellow Members of Our Church, 
As you know, our church is in the midst of a significant financial challenged.  We've formed a Fundraising Committee to help figure out both creative and effective ways to raise the money that we need.  In considering the funds that we will raise, we're aware of the fact that any one person, or any one family can only do so much, in terms of traditional giving. 

Accordingly, we're trying to be creative and would like your input on something very specific which might be of great help to us, and not only in terms of our fundraising needs.  Something that is very helpful is that the program we're considering has no out-of-pocket costs or financial risks for the church, and we like that!

Beyond the money that we need to raise, and even up against this difficult challenge, the Bible tells us that we have a responsibility as believers in Christ to help fulfill The Great Commission, related to us by Jesus himself in Matthew 28:16-20.  While we're of course always open to new members and visitors, we're wondering if it would be nice for us to go even a bit further this year in trying to really reach out to maybe some new people during the upcoming holidays?  Certainly, with church attendance down nationwide, there are lots of people who might benefit greatly, and even eternally, from any additional efforts that we might make to explore, seek, reach out, connect, and even re-connect.  So maybe, this idea might be a nice way for us as God's people to say, "Hello,", "Welcome," or even, "Welcome Back!"

While admittedly it can be hard to find exactly the right words, and the right time, to invite a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or stranger to maybe consider visiting with us or even taking a moment to at the very least, consider their own beliefs and relationship with God Almighty, it can be easy enough, however, to just leave a "calling card."  Just something with a well intentioned and kind message that focuses on Christmas, not from the Santa perspective, but from our perspective as believers. 

With the above ideas in mind, below is some information about the special fundraising program that we're considering.   It is an inspirational and relaxing  musical album that can be customized for our church, and our church's needs.   Maybe most importantly, however, we have some great options in how we might choose to "design" our "calling card" which, on the upside, is non-perishable and, low, low, low calorie!   If adopted as part of our fundraising effort, this item and this music, would have multiple uses, some of which are listed below for your review and consideration.

This music seems pretty nice, relaxing, and certainly very much in the true spirit of Christmas.  The song line up is presented below and all are religious themed.  Unlike most other albums at Christmas, ours would include "The Lord's Prayer" (appropriate for any time of year) and also, "Let There Be Peace On Earth," a piece that seems particularly relevant for the times in which we are now living.  The album has positive professional reviews, which you can access, and, in short, it has a very nice "Charlie Brown Christmas" feel.   But, please, see for yourself.  The album's website is 

So that we can make a proper decision, we're asking just three questions of everyone.  The first is, how much value and opportunity do you see in this for our church?  Second question - "Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down" to our adopting this as a fundraising program?  The last question is, "Based on the suggested uses, and others that you yourself or your own church committee or separate external groups might envision, how many units would you/your family be willing to pre-purchase, if we were to do this?  In making this estimate, please also consider what sorts of items that you usually might buy during the holidays for which you might actually prefer this item.   [To answer this question, please assume that we all mutually agreed on album art and a message.  Also, let's assume the price of each item is only about $9.99.  Also, please understand that NO commitment is being asked for at this point....just a thoughtful estimate.]

That's it!  Over the next 2-3 weeks, please get your feedback to our committee either in person or email it to us at Sample Campaign   Our church has ambitious financial goals and there's nothing wrong with exploring a new approach.  Hopefully, we will find a campaign that helps us deliver maybe even more than we may have expected, both for each of us as individuals, our Church, and for others around us who often struggle to find both peace and meaning during the Christmas holidays.

Yours Faithfully,

Your Fundraising Committee!


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Press Kit

For The Faithful - At Christmas is a professional album with a complete press kit.  If you would like to learn more about the Christian artist, motivations behind the album, reviews the album has received, details about the album's U.S. and overseas distribution and fan base or, review the complete line up of songs, just click "here."  Complete song line up is also shown below.