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I'm a lover of independent book stores!  Why?  Well, the merchandise featured is often something that can't be found elsewhere;quite simply, it's special.  And, quite often, the sorts of things offered in independent bookstores are usually the unique items that people, and families, truly treasure, and hold most dearly. 

 In that vein,
I wanted to make you aware of a light piano Christian album of my own.   While those songs that everyone hears on the radio every year about Santa are certainly expected, I felt that people would certainly gravitate toward something that more directly highlights what Christmas is really and truly all about...with a few  surprises thrown in for the times we live in right now.   Details are included, including information about the song line up along with my website that has easy to access sound clips that some people find somewhat reminiscent of the much beloved "A Charlie Brown Christmas."   Also, you'll also find some quite positive professional reviews on the site in the "Press Kit" section.  

From year to year, my experience has been that there are lots of new books to buy but really, not that much new in the way of faith-based music for Advent and Christmas. Maybe we could change that together, for the faithful?  Looking to next season, if you think that your patrons might appreciate an "easy purchase" item like my CD,  for as long as they last, I'd be glad to send you a complimentary review copy  so that you can see for yourself how appropriate my music is for both your customers and in-store play during the season. 

 Lastly, in the "iphone age," you may be interested to know that you can also sell this album in digital form so that no one is left out. Concerning this option and other things that book stores will want to know, including which of your patrons might indeed be looking for a Christmas item like this,  please see my  retailer page Maybe, before jumping into all that, you may want to just  visit the album's home page... it tells the story of what this music was meant to be for believers and non-believers alike. 

In any case, I'd very much appreciate hearing back from you via email, social media or otherwise.    Here's to a great 2018!   Thank you for considering something that might be "just the right thing" for the upcoming holiday season!

 Kind Regards,

Dave Cornwall

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Sample Clips

These are select, full length sample tracks just recently made available on You Tube.   Solo jazz piano - for Christmas!

          Hark, the Herald Angels Sing                                   Oh Come All Ye Faithful

          Oh Holy Night                                                              Silent Night

          Oh Little Town of Bethlehem                                    Let There Be Peace On Earth

Heard the Bells on Christmas Day


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