10,000 CDs - $4.99/CD

$65,000+ Profit Potential

And Now, Just For Fun!

And, Here's Some Co-Promotion to Get These Jumping Off the Shelf! 

With your order, you'll be provided a complimentary CD for play in your store.  People will ask about the music...and an easy sale will be the next step.  A digital album will be provided if preferred!  And, if you'd like to take a quick look at everything about this music, just click here.




50 TO/DDCs - $5.49/Each

$300+ Profit Potential

About Celebration Ornaments

These are Christmas tree ornaments!  Unbreakable and durable!  Each is about the size of a credit card with a glossy finish and each Celebration Ornament is high tech!  The back of the ornament also entitles the owner to download a select uplifting song from the album, For The Faithful - At Christmas!  Easy to follow instructions are provided. Please note:  only the light house ornament contains the whole album.   Full length CDs sold separately.

500 CDs - $5.29/CD

$3,100+ Profit Potential

250 TO/DDCs- $5.29/Each

$1,550+ Profit Potential

Download Cards*


Even More Sample Clips!

These are select, full length sample tracks just recently made available on You Tube.  Sample clips of all 18 tracks can be previewed from iTunes...shown in the below purchasing section.  Solo jazz piano - for Christmas!

          Hark, the Herald Angels Sing                                   Oh Come All Ye Faithful

          Oh Holy Night                                                              Silent Night

          Oh Little Town of Bethlehem                                    Let There Be Peace On Earth

Heard the Bells on Christmas Day


Quantities Pertain to One SKU

Original Design

-  Retail Price List  - 

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2,500 TO/DDCs- $5.29/Each

$15,500+ Profit Potential


7,500 CDs - $5.15/CD

$47,500+ Profit Potential

And lastly, the For The Faithful - At Christmas!Celebration Ornament! 

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The Celebration Ornaments and Album - 2018 Retail Offerings

- Want To Order Just A CD or Digital Album or Two For Just Yourself?  Sure! 

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Need Higher Quantities?  Please Contact Us About Wholesale Quantities and Pricing!

The  "Jolly Christmas Snowman" Celebration Ornament  for a Cold Christmas Night

Featured song: Joy To The World!


The Christmas Eve "Fly Santa, Fly!"Celebration Ornament 

Featured song:     Oh Holy Night

©  2018  All rights Reserved

1,000 TO/DDCs- $5.29/Each

$6,200+ Profit Potential

Each Will Have a Small Hole at the Top For Easy Hanging

- Items May Be Enlarged to Show Detail -

©  2018  All rights Reserved

The Complete Album!


Here Are The 2018 Celebration Ornaments!

*Ordering is Easy!  Just pick your quantity and indicate item mix by # in comments section. E-mail questions/order instructions if you like!

250 CDs - $5.29/CD

$1,550+ Profit Potential

 Also Available Are CDs!

2018 Design!

50 CDs - $5.49/CD

$300+ Profit Potential

The Complete Album!

The"44th President - Obama Legacy"  Celebration Ornament

Featured song: Do You Hear What I Hear?

5,000 CDs - $5.25/CD

$31,250+ Profit Potential

The  "Let There Be Peace On Earth"Celebration Ornament wishes for peace on Earth with the song of the same name

10,000 TO/DDCs- $4.99/Each

$65,000+ Profit Potential

The"Make Christmas Great Again!"  Celebration Ornament

Featured song: I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day

May God Bless the USA! "It's The People's House!" Celebration Ornament

Featured song:  Oh Come All Ye Faithful!

*                              *                               *                               *                              *                              *

* Only Ornament Containing


Tree Ornament/Digital

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For this holiday season, we're very proud to offer some brand new, high margin impulse purchase items that can not be found elsewhere.  For bookstores and others rightfully concerned about shelf space limitations, spoilage, not losing out to Amazon, offering "hip" digital offerings for millennials, or not being able to generate sufficient "buzz" on social media to bring in  new customers, here are some unique holiday shopping solutions for YOU!

 The  "Light a  Holy Christmas Candle"Celebration Ornament 

Featured song:  Silent Night

©  2018  All rights Reserved

Celebration Ornaments!

* Only Ornament Containing

100 TO/DDCs - $5.29/Each

$620+ Profit Potential

Ho, Ho, Ho!  The "Merry Santa Skating"Celebration Ornament 

Featured song:      The First Noel

And lastly, the For The Faithful - At Christmas! Celebration Ornament! 

2018 New Cover!


For Additional Information/Pricing/Ordering Details/Phone Number...

Contact us via email at  -  Bookstore@ForTheFaithful.net                                

2,500 CDs - $5.29/CD

$15,500+ Profit Potential

100 CDs - $5.29/CD

$620+ Profit Potential


1,000 CDs - $5.29/CD

$6,200+ Profit Potential

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500 TO/DDCs- $5.29/Each

$3,100+ Profit Potential



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5,000 TO/DDCs- $5.25/Each

$31,250+ Profit Potential

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"My House Is My Castle" Celebration Ornaments!

7,500 TO/DDCs- $5.15/Each

$47,500+ Profit Potential

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©  2018  All rights Reserved

The  "Oh, Holy Night"   Celebration Ornament for the holiest of nights!

Featured song: Oh, Holy Night!

Celebration Ornaments are simply Christmas tree ornaments!  Shown below, each credit card-sized ornament carries a unique message and provides a new way for personalization of the family tree.  Words and images are powerful and in addition to the holiday message, as a novelty item, each ornament also contains information on the back for the customer to download some relaxing,"Charlie Brown Christmas" style music...only if they would like.  All songs are original arrangements from For The Faithful - At Christmas!,  a professionally reviewed solo piano album from Dave Cornwall.  These make great "theme" gifts!